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Roger Ridley: Guestbook

Vickie Davis

October 28, 2008

I saw you on Bill Moyers show. Your were fantastic.



Charlene Hensley

October 26, 2008

I'm so sorry to hear that Roger is gone. I had no idea. Thank you for putting this website up for him.

Charlene Hensley

October 26, 2008

I saw you on a clip from "Playing for Change" on Bill Moyers Journal. I love you voice! I decided to see if you have a website and a means to sell your music. I see that you do. Yippee!
Thanks for sharing your talent with the world.

Gregory Burgess

April 20, 2008

Roger had a beautiful voice and even here in England a few of us knew of him through a record he cut with his sisters on the Del-Pat record label. The cut 'Morning noon I cry' is a great favourite of mine. It's a great legacy for someone who was obviously really loved by his family. may he rest in peace.

Joe Ochman

November 18, 2007

Searching online tonight for info on Roger (since I hadn't seen him in so long on the 3rd Street Promenade, and was hoping he had achieved some measure of the success he so richly deserved), I just discovered this site - two days after the 2nd anniversary of Roger's passing. I am truly, deeply saddened by the loss. I had no idea. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

I was lucky enough to be moved often by his music, seeking him out whenever I was in Santa Monica. From that unforgettable first time I heard him play, I was astounded by the supreme richness of his voice, and the artful simplicity of his arrangements and guitar work. From the start, I loved his versions of the classics more than I loved the originals...and I really loved the originals.

We talked most every time I saw him (even sang harmony once), since I would always stop whatever I was doing or wherever I was going to hear the whole set. He told me about his family, and how much he sacrificed to care for them. We talked of his plans to go into the studio. I bought his cassette. I bought the CD. I told anyone and everyone to seek him out. He truly touched me as only the best musicians can. I will play his music often, and will always stop for a moment of silence on the Promenade in his honor...or better yet, a moment of song. He will truly be missed.

Anthony Flores

August 20, 2007

I was walking the 3rd street promenade yesterday and wondered why Roger was not around on a beautiful Saturday in August. I had this strange feeling that something may have happened to him. I went to the internet to look him up, and to my demise I just learned of his passing. I feel very blessed to have met Roger and listened to his voice. I love it when he would sing
"aint no sunshine" - just blew me away. I will miss you Roger. I have the cd that I'm going to break out of the garage and play it in your memory.

God Bless


July 29, 2007

I have great memories from the show I attended on the 3rd Street Promenade. It was a very sad time because it was 1 month after 9/11, but sitting there and hearing him sing seem to unite all who stopped to listen! After he sang What a Wonderful World, the whole promenade was almost quiet and I'd never seen that. We may have been teary eyed, but that Roger made that tragic event just a little better to bare! After the show, I stopped to talk with him a bit and tell him how much I enjoyed the show. I was going to purchase a CD and he just gave it to me and wouldn't accept payment. What a kind hearted man. Kindest regards to his family. What a legacy!

Mark Johnson

July 26, 2007

One of the Greatest men I ever met. We will always "STAND BY YOU".

Ashley Gaskins

December 23, 2006

I loved Roger as we all did and I will miss him dearly.

Charles Villa

November 28, 2006

I saw him years ago playing on Third Street. His singing and his CD helped me through a very hard time in my life. I could never ever thank him enough.

Jean francois

June 23, 2006

I am so sad to hear about Roger paseed away, I always wonder about where he went after Madhattan close and I was his friend and remember a lot of good time in our dressing room at Madhattan.I have some good photos of Roger and would passed them along if you want.God bless you all.

Tamika Harris

May 23, 2006

Sometimes swallowing your sadness
And saying you're fine is easier than facing the truth. And Although Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, If somehow you're feeling warm inside it's because they're STILL close in your heart.
..Uncle Roger I never really knew you as well as some others, and even though your gone in a sense. You're still with us all, Just in our hearts.

Mike Yionoulis

May 17, 2006

My wife just ran into Tan in the subway, who told her of Roger's passing. I feel an immense sadness for our loss; Roger was one of those rare souls whose voice could connect you directly with God. He blessed me with the honor of singing "You Should Know", a song I wrote especially for him to sing with another rare soul, Kathleen Mock. Their performance of it, recorded in a corridor between the Shuttle & Lexington Ave. subway lines under Grand Central one Spring day in 1996, has never left my mind since the first time I heard it. I carry Roger's voice with me always, and I can never thank him enough for that gift.
God bless you all, Ridley clan, and please, please continue to share your family's gift, as Roger did, with the rest of us poor souls.

Deveka C. Owens

May 14, 2006

My skin is like a map of where my heart has been. I can not hide the marks, so if you look close enough you will see an imprint of a guitar made out of a treble clef signifying that my heart made a stop at my uncle Roger before heading on to where I am now. Since his death, I have stood still, but I'm still moving, I have tried lying down, but I can't get any rest. When I breathe , I feel like I'm suffocating. In this sense I have come to realize that life has not been and will never be what I think it should...never what I wanted it to be...My uncle Roger showed me something... he put soul into it, mixed love with it and hard work..He helped me find the peace of me that I never knew existed...While away in school or on my journey to creating a new life for myself, his voice and the songs he used his voice to sang with would Always, Always piece me back together.I didn't quit because he hadn't given up hope, but somewhere along his own personal journey here on earth he fulfilled God's will and is gone. Am I mad...No because my father knows best. Am I sad...well, yes because I feel like I can't get ahead..everyone whom I draw inspiration from has left me at some point to be with my father, but the thing that hurts me the most out of everything is that once again I failed to get to know the actual man behind the music...but I have learned from my uncle Roger to always leave loved ones with loving words because it may be the last time you see them...that the people we care about the most are taken from us too soon...that credentials on my wall don't characterize the person that I am and will become..that it's always good to do the things that make me happy and that God will give me any and everything I ask for if I have faith in him......I love you uncle Roger and I want you to know that I still have not given up on my dreams, goals and mother didn't raise me that way and your inspiration won't allow me to do so..."God laid the foundation, He laid it by hisself," and so I trust that in time I will see you again and when I get to your fathers house I will be sure to ask for you if you don't greet me at the gate...finding you will mean that I will find my mother, my grandmother, my great grandmother and father, my cousins and a few of my friends....Well Done! I wish you were here..

Paulette Rochelle-Levy

May 8, 2006

Classes of folks have lifted weights and danced to the music of Roger Ridley. His CD was bought on the Santa Monica promenade about 6 years ago, My African-American elders, especially, have a big "crush" on Roger- from the belly of his sound.
My CD had worn out. I have just ordered a new one so Roger's music can support our health, well being and joy. You are gone but your gift of deep abiding soul lives on in your music. We love you.
Paulette Rochelle-Levy, MFT
Teacher Stretch and Dance
Older Adult program

aleks the singer

May 2, 2006

My brothe past araound the same time ,when goger moved on to the heavens gate. i saw my brother one more time after his passing ,so let me tell you all that God is real and Roger is not gone. i thank God that i met him and i will continue my singing as i use to with Roger on 3rd street promenade and draw huge crowds together. when ever i was down ,we sang proud mary ,my girl or teas on my pillow. we even sang a song that i road and it called:"believe in the magic of your dreams". I still hav a portion of this rare tape with me and him. i love you all and that is what ,roger wants you all to know. God bless ,your friend and brother of christ ,Aleks.

aleks will

May 2, 2006

Hay it is aleks the german kid ,his singing budi.
just a view days agao ,i hada tune carring in my heart that i use to sing with him. tears on my pillow.
he must had been looking down for me and all of us.
I miss him and i love him. He taught me to survive on the streets God bless your soul, aleks.

meredith gardner

April 7, 2006

As a New Yorker in a rush, I'd always stop to hear Roger sing in the subways. Inevitably, I'd be late for my appointment; and I didn't care. Roger's soulful music was much more important than the idiot I had to go meet.

How strange life is...5 days ago, I googled Roger but spelled his name wrong. Then, the miracle of Alice showed up singing in the subway and she told me of Roger's death.

Hey, Roger, we carry you in our hearts. Your spirit is still alive in all of us.



Gary Gillett

March 30, 2006

I am listening to “Summer Time”, one of my favorite songs sung by Roger with his own beat and inimitable style. I had the pleasure of video recording this and others while working (playing) with Roger on the “Kiddo” series recently. I watched transfixed as he played his guitar for us during a break, and as he created songs with William Roberts for the show.

When I heard that he would be in the show, doing a cartoon voice no less, I was delighted that my old friend from the 3rd Street Promenade would be a part of a project to which I was also contributing.

Seeing his smiling face at the sessions and hearing his humor and singing lifted my soul, and it was a pleasure to work alongside him and hear his joyous, genuine laughter reverberate off the walls as we created together.

I am saddened by his passing, followed soon after by my own father’s death in December, reminding me once again how important it is to tell people close to you how much you love them while you still can. I believe Roger did this through his music, even if you just happened to be walking by when he was singing.

Roger would often say how he wishes he could take me along with him on his journeys, just pack me up and go.
Now I take him along with me in my heart, and am envious of the Angels for whom he now sings. Gary G


March 22, 2006

Roger was and is an great man and a greatly loved man. I had the privelidge of singing with Roger working with him and hanging out with him. I miss him and will remember him with love.

Alphonza Gaskins Jr.

March 21, 2006

God bless you Roger.

Phyllis Dent

March 21, 2006

Whenever some "close" to me passes. I think of the lyrics from Tina Turner's song, Something Beautiful Remains; I share her sentiments. The love for music that I share with Roger does run deeply in our family. We are indeed spirits passing through; Roger's memories are like a rose after the rain.

TINA TURNER LYRICS to "Something Beautiful Remains"

Tears will leave no stains
Time will ease the pain
For every life that fades
Something beautiful remains

We're living in world, stars and dust Between heaven 'n all that surrounds us
We're travellers here, spirits passing through
And the love we give, is all that will endure

Hey now, what we had is gone
But I still remember you
Just like a rose after the rain
Something beautiful remains

Tears will leave no stains
Time will ease the pain
For every life that fades
Something beautiful remains

Now the darkness falls
sun's going down
one by one, the stars are coming out
tide comes in, washes footprints from the sand
one day ends, a new day must begin

Hey now, though we are apart
You're forever in my dreams
Hey now, love is lost again
(What u gonna do about it,
what u gonna say)
Something beautiful remains

Tears will leave no stains
Time will ease the pain
For every life that fades
Something beautiful remains

And you wonder sometimes how we carry on
When you've lost the love the knew
But it's alright, it's alright
To your own heart be true

Tears will leave no stains
Time will ease the pain
For every life that fades
Something beautiful remains.


March 21, 2006

Having had the pleasure of knowing Roger for years and playing for him on numerous appearances, I got to know what a wonderful, talented giant he was. He was one of the most dynamic singers i have ever known and was a guy with a heart of gold. I will never forget when the Ridley singers came to Reading, PA and Roger mesmerized the congregation with his singing ability. We have all lost a dear brother and one i will never forget but will always remember for the rest of my life. May God Bless his family and the entire Ridley family as we mourn this loss.

Mildred Ridley Dent

March 19, 2006

p.s. I also remember seeing roger on CNN news singing, "Sitting on the dock of the bay." And he was on "Good Morning America" sing "You Should Know" with a white girl, I forgot her name, Maybe someone will remember that too.

Mildred Ridley Dent

March 19, 2006

I miss my brother very, very, much and I know I'll miss him forever, I know this because I still miss Ayre so very much. I thank God for the tapes that allow us to still hear their voices, and the video tapes so we can still see them. My brother was an easy-going person and easy to get along with. I must say that we've never had harsh words for each other in our adult life and that is quite marvelous in this family!


March 17, 2006

OKay, I misspelled "believe" in my initial comment. It's been rescinded and I'll spell check the next time.

Roger, you know I am a "perfectionist" :).


March 17, 2006


I can't beleive you're not with us anymore. You have been such an inspiration to our entire family. Moma (Mil) really misses you! You are still her "Ba-Ba", "Ajax".

Your music is enticing. I just sit back and listen to the passion in your voice. All of y'all can sing.

Thanks for being a wonderful uncle and I know you are with the Lord.

Your neice,

Patricia Owens Thomas

March 16, 2006

March 16, 20O6 My uncle is going but is in my heart day in and dat outI will miss him so much and if tears could build a stairway. and memories a lane I'll walk right up toHeaven and bring Him and my Mother Ayre Home again.

Deborah Owens Berguin

March 16, 2006

My uncle is gone but not forgotten he will always live in my heart.
I know that he made it home, now he can sit with my mother and rejoyce
in the land that flows with milk and honey.Rest in peace.

Gina Wilson

March 16, 2006

Roger was my great uncle. I have very fond memories of him while growing up in New York City. He was a kind, passionate man who loved his family dearly. It's hard to believe he's gone, but I know he's in a better place. He is, and always will be, missed among many in this family.-Gina Wilson in Tallahassee, Florida

Ruby D. Harris

March 15, 2006

Roger Ridley is my beloved uncle.(my mother's brother) I miss my uncle so dearly, but his voice is still with us, if you ever get to hear is son sing. He sound very very very much like his father.
Blessing Ruby D. Harris
Tallahassee Fl